I want to change my legal name, what do I do?

Each state has difference rules and requirements. You need to first obtain a legal name change certificate from the states offices before using our services.

If you were born overseas, click on the state you live in at time of application.

If you were born in Australia, click on the state you were born in:
Please find below the links to the States Births Deaths and Marriages if you wish to change your name legally:









I am not an Australian Citizen or I don't have an Australian Passport?

Being born in another country doesn’t change our service. As long as you have a Passport, Drivers License or Proof of Identity Card, then this is used as your ID. Your marriage certificate from the Births Deaths and Marriages is the only document you can use to change your name with companies. This same certificate is the only document you can use to change your passport. So therefore, you don’t need to update your passport before changing your name, it can all be done at once.

Who can use Change Your Name?

Change Your Name is perfect for newlyweds wishing to change their name after marriage, or if people have divorced wishing to return to a previous name and for any legal name change. It is important to note that legal name changes must be made with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. We simply help you update all your accounts afterwards. Your certificates must then be sent of with the forms to prove the change can take place.  So once you select your organisations, it is recommended to have a certified copy of the certificate attached to the form.

What's the difference with Change Your Name legally vs. Changing Your Name with Organisations?

Changing Your Name with the state BDM may vary, but essentially this is where you want to change your name from a Birth Certificate level.  Changing Your Name with organisations, is only to do with Changing Your Name after a marriage, divorce or name change. This website is only focusing on changing your name with the organisations listed.

Please find below the links to the States Births Deaths and Marriages if you wish to change your name legally:









Which organisations/departments do you provide this service for?

Click here for the full list of organisations and departments. All companies change processes and forms occasionally, and don’t always let us know.  So if you find a form rejected, it will normally come back us from the company.  We will be constantly updating the forms as we go along.

What if an organisation I need is not on the list?

If an organisation or department you need is not on the list, you can suggest it to us and we will add it for you if available from the company. For all Premium and Deluxe packages, you will receive the details in your kit once it arrives. Standard packages will receive a letter only with the companies name as inputed by yourself.

How do I get a promotional code?

Your Celebrant may have given you a promotional card which entitles you to a discount. So you may wish to ask them. Otherwise please use FAQPC for a 20% discount on the Deluxe package only.

Can I upgrade to the next package if I change my mind?

You can always upgrade at any point in time. However you cannot down grade at any point in time. You will receive instructions on how to upgrade, once you make your purchase.

I don’t have time to complete the process all in one go. Can I save as I go along?

Yes, once you have purchased your package and entered your details, you can save and come back at any time.

Why do I have to get copies of my documents certified? Why can’t you do that too?

Getting certified copies of documents (e.g. Marriage, Divorce or Name Change Certificate) must be done by you as the person making the certification (e.g. Justice of the Peace or notary public) must view the original document when certifying the copy.

We suggest finding out how many copies of each document you need and getting them all certified at once to save time.

What if I don’t want to give you all of my personal details?

We understand that you may not feel comfortable sharing all your personal details with us. There is a minimum amount of information we need from you in order to get started, but after that, the level of personal detail you wish to give us is optional. However, if you choose to withhold certain information, you will need to add this detail to your forms yourself before submitting them. Eg. Your Date of Birth, or Account/Membership number

How soon after getting married, divorced or legal change name, do I need to change my name?

You can change your name at anytime, however to change your Australian Passport 12 months or more after your marriage/divorce will incur a fee. If you change your name on your passport within 12 months, it is normally free, however if you have less than 24months validation on your passport, otherwise they will charge you a replacement fee. CLICK HERE. All other companies and organisations shouldn’t charge, but this is up to them and their policies.

What details and documentation will I need in order to complete this process?

The information you need in order to change your name with various organisations and departments includes, but is not limited to the below:
• Marriage Certificate (official, this is not the one you received on your wedding day)
• Divorce Certificate
• Legal Name Change Certificate
• Birth Certificate
• Tax File Number
• Medicare Number
• Passport Number
• Drivers License Number
• Account Numbers (bank, insurance, superannuation, utilities)


What if I was married overseas, do companies recognise my marriage?

Every company has different rules, however, if you were married in Las Vegas for example only. Some government agencies will not accept that to change your name. You maybe required to actually legally change your name at a birth certificate level. You would receive a legal name change certificate, which you can then use to change your name with all the companies on this website.

I don’t have my original Marriage, Divorce or Name Change Certificate, what can I do?

If you don’t have your original Marriage, Divorce or Legal Name Change Certificate or Birth Certificate (if you require one for the purposes of changing your name) you can apply for a new one from the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state where the marriage/birth/name change took place.

If the marriage/birth/name change took place overseas, you will need to contact the relevant department in that country.

If you require Divorce papers, these can be obtained from the Family Law Courts of Australia CLICK HERE.

How do I know if the forms you find are up-to-date?

We regularly review all forms and processes to ensure that the information we provide is correct and up-to-date. However if you find or receive a form that isn’t correct, then we will update the site accordingly. Companies change their process from time to time, and whilst we monitor this as much as possible, we sometimes aren’t notified by them.

I’m nervous about giving so much personal information. Is Change Your Name a secure site? What is your Privacy Policy.

We have taken the utmost care to build a platform that is secure, protecting your privacy and payment details. After 3 months, we delete all your data and only keep the customer record for taxation purposes for us.  Please see our Privacy Policy